Compensation for having suffered a crime can be pursued by victims in Australia, so as to be compensated for loss and damages due to the criminal act. The process is not complicated, but a crime victim should consult with an attorney as soon possible after the crime has been committed, after seeking medical treatment as necessary of course, so that their rights are protected. Note a few details about this compensation program in Australia and then discuss this with an attorney so you know if you're eligible for this compensation.

1. More than property damage

Property damage and loss are usually covered under criminal compensation programs in Australia, and this can mean property that was stolen and never recovered or property that was damaged such as when intruders kick in a door or break a window in your home. However, this compensation can also include medical bills that are not covered by any type of insurance, even bills for psychiatric treatment that is necessary after having suffered a crime. Travel expenses, such as for receiving medical treatment, and any loss of income that is also not covered by an employer's insurance or other such coverage can also be included in compensation.

2. Getting an extension

Typically, an application for criminal compensation must be lodged within three years of the criminal offense; however, you can get an extension of this application if necessary. To get an extension, you or your attorney will need to provide a written reason as to why the claim was delayed; don't assume that you can't file your claim after this three years and never assume that your reasons for a delay are not acceptable, but speak with an attorney about how to word such a request for an extension so you have the most chance of success.

3. Reporting to police

Reporting the crime to police can be necessary if you plan on applying for victim's compensation; you may not be awarded any compensation if you haven't cooperated with the police and may be asked to provide an explanation as to why a police report was not filed. If you're concerned about how to file a report or are concerned about your safety if you were to report a criminal act to the police, talk to a criminal compensation attorney about the matter. They can usually assist you in talking to the police and communicating your concerns, along with assisting in filing for compensation.

For more information about criminal compensation, contact an experienced lawyer in your area.