The process of dissolving a marriage can be tedious, and it can be more challenging to get through the process if you and your spouse are not in amicable terms. During your divorce, the one ally who is on your side to ensure that you get the best possible outcome is your lawyer. For that reason, it is crucial to be as open and honest as you can be with this professional since every little bit of information that you provide them will go towards building a case for you. Nevertheless, some people may find opening up to their lawyer difficult, especially when it comes to sensitive information. So what type of information will be pertinent? Read on for the different types of information that your divorce lawyer will require.

Personal information

Personal information may sound like a broad term regarding matters that are intimate, but the truth is your lawyer needs to get to know you as an individual as well as the role you played in your union. Thus, it is in your best interest to convey any matters that are typically kept private but that will help your lawyer learn more about you and the union. For instance, your divorce lawyer may want to find out who has played the primary role of raising and caring for the children, since this could affect child custody. Additionally, you may also be questioned about yours and your partner's medical records since both of your health could play a role in alimony.

Financial information

Financial information is crucial for your lawyer since this is what will determine the way forward when it comes to matters of child support and spousal maintenance. However, your divorce lawyer will not exclusively ask you about the income and expenditure of the family. Your lawyer will also want to be aware of any debts that you or your spouse may have accumulated during the union. In addition to this, your lawyer may want information on your tax returns, especially if you and your spouse have been filing them together. If you have any proof of assets that you or your spouse holds individually, you should also furnish your divorce lawyer with this information to prevent the risk of any shared assets being hidden in the course of the divorce proceedings.

Miscellaneous information

Once you have relayed your personal and financial information, you may then have to let your divorce lawyer know about any other miscellaneous things that could influence the divorce proceedings. Such information can include prenuptial agreements, current shared mortgage, vehicle registrations, birth certificates of your children and so on.