When entering Australia under any type of visa or when you want to bring family to the country, you are not legally obligated to use amigration agent. Like an attorney, they are there to assist you as best they can but the government will still review your case and your application with or without them. Since you can apply for a visa without the use of a migration agent, when should you consider their services and why are they so valuable? Note a few important considerations to keep in mind.

1. You don't know the type of visa you need

When you go online to apply for a visa, you may be overwhelmed with the different types there are and how they are applied. There are work visas, but these are also categorized for skilled workers, business owners, and investors. Family visas include remaining relative visas and parent visas. There are also partnership visas for spouses and domestic partners. Trying to figure out the right one for which you might apply, given your own situation and set of circumstances, can be overwhelming.

Rather than trying to figure this out on your own and risk applying for the wrong type of visa, it's good to discuss this with a migration agent. They can look over your personal situation and get all the details about your stay in the country as well as the relationship of anyone you want to bring into the country with you, and then help you decide. This will ensure you get the visa you need for as long as you need it, and reduce your risk of being rejected because you applied for a visa that doesn't really fit your situation.

2. You had or have a visa, but have left the country or have renounced your citizenship

If you have a visa for entering Australia, you may need what is called a returning resident visa. This is for those who had their visa cancelled or who still have a visa but left the country for any reason. Those who have renounced their Australian citizenship may also need a returning residency visa. The rules about this type of visa can be very complicated and are somewhat different than most other rules for residency and personal ties to Australia, so it may be good to hire a migration agent. He or she can review the status of your visa or your citizenship and note if you are eligible to apply for a returning residency visa. This can increase your chances of getting back into the country under these circumstances.