Divorce is almost never ideal and can often be a contentious process. If you are trying to make your divorce as amicable as possible, it is best to consider mediation. Mediation does not mean that both parties agree on all issues including custody and asset allocation, but it does involve both parties being willing to come to some sort of an agreement. Mediation involves the presence of a mediator that helps both parties to come to an agreement that is acceptable for all. It is important for you to be aware of the benefits possible through mediation when you are beginning the divorce process.


The major reason that people choose mediation during the divorce process is to lessen the cost. When you choose mediation, you get to bypass the filing of court documents and do not have to pay many of the court fees that come with having your case heard by a judge. You simply pay the mediator to be present during your mediation meeting, and this is a cost that can be split by both parties. If you want your divorce to be affordable, mediation is the best option.


One thing that many people have a difficult time relinquishing during divorce proceedings is control. If you choose to have the details of your divorce decided by the court, you have no control and no say in the outcome. However, with mediation you have the ability to come to agreements and to make sure that issues like custody are not decided by someone that does not know your children. Mediation is a process that allows you and your former partner to have final say on all issues as long as you can come to some type of compromise. During the mediation process, it is your voice that is heard and not just that of your lawyer.


It is also possible for your divorce to be resolved in a much shorter period of time if you choose the mediation method. You do not have to wait for court hearings and deal with filing deadlines. This allows the entire process to be streamlined. If you want to come to a resolution quickly and be done with this difficult process, mediation is the best option. It typically only takes a few sessions of mediation to resolve all issues involving the divorce. Even if you can't work out these issues in mediation, it is worth the effort to give mediation a try before you go to court.

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