Most people would know to call a solicitor if they've ever been accused of or arrested for a crime, but if you've been the victim of a crime, you may want to seek out legal advice as well. There are many good reasons why a victim should be represented by legal counsel; consider a few of these here.

1. When considering compensation

If you feel you should receive compensation because of the crime, such as when something has been stolen but not recovered or if you suffered injuries during the course of the crime, you would do well to talk to a solicitor. He or she can tell you if you're entitled to compensation for lost wages, doctor's visits, visits to mental healthcare professionals, property loss and damage, and the like. He or she can then also guide you on the right procedure for securing that compensation, either from the person who committed the crime or through public funds and programs.

2. Representing your interests in court

While some defendants may want to plea bargain with a prosecutor to avoid jail time, marks on their permanent record, and the like, you want to ensure that your interests are being heard and considered in court. You may not like someone who committed a serious crime against you avoiding jail time and may think it's only fair that they have some type of mark on their permanent record to warn others of their violent behavior or past actions. While a prosecutor may check with a victim during the course of plea bargaining, you don't want to count on this; hire a solicitor who can stay in contact with the prosecutor's office and ensure your side is being heard during plea bargaining, bond hearings, and an actual trial.

3. Restraining orders

If someone has committed a crime against you and they are not currently in jail, you may want a restraining order against them. This can include restraining them from contacting you at work and even on social media and stopping them from sending you text messages. If the person seems like a threat to your family, you may want to extend that restraining order to cover them as well. A solicitor can help you better understand your rights for protection and also ensure that you fill out the right paperwork and get your hearing in front of a judge so you don't need to worry about threats and harassment.